This page contains all of the resources linked to in the Poster Presentation at InnEdCO2018. If you have questions about anything, hit me up below in the contact form.

At a Glance:

NEA Micro-Credentials Brochure – the same brochure that was distributed at the poster session

Micro-Credential Infographic – the digital version of infographic displayed at the poster session


Read More:

Seven Lessons Learned From Implementing Micro-Credentials – The Friday Institute

Micro-Credentials for Teachers

Can Micro-Credentialing Salvage Teacher PD?

Teachers Customize Professional Development Through Micro-Credentials


Ready to Get Started?

Samples of Micro-Credentials – these micro-credentials are rigorous but bite-sized learning intended to take a teacher approximately 10 hours to finish successfully.

NEA Certification Bank – where to explore and sign up for micro-credentials



NEA Website Supports for Professional Learning – comprehensive site with links to everything you need to start a micro-credential yourself or support a school or district with leveraging micro-credentials for professional learning

Aurora Public Schools Micro-Credential Website – how we presented the micro-credentials to teachers and supported the process this year


Questions or Comments?